Saturday, November 3, 2007


When painting figures, I paint from deepest layer to outermost layer. By this I mean skin first, followed by underwear, shirt, jacket, etc. Paint as if you were dressing the figure, or dressing yourself.
I select three flesh tones.
A base color.
A shade color.(darker)
A highlight color.(lighter)
The parts that will be flesh are coated all over in the base color. The shade is painted in folds, depressions, and at junctions with other parts (like clothes). Highlights are applied to raised areas, dumps, muscles, cheeks, etc. I then go back to my base color and mist a thin coat of base, to blend the surface. I will sometimes place areas of pinkish tones to indicate blush.
Once I am satisfied with the skin tones, I seal the work with flat laquer.
Here are the skin parts painted. I have used a transparent black on the chest to simulate a see-thru effect.

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