Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Been Busy

Lest ye think I've forgotten my blog..... the workshop in my backyard was built when I moved in to my current house about ten years ago. Its where I do all my airbrushing and rattle can painting. There is a paint booth with exhaust and a natural gas space heater. The one thing it hasn't had was insulation. I finally broke down and invested in some fiberglass insulation and have been installing it. But if you've ever tried installing insulation in a building already in use, you know its a painful tedious process. Thats where I've been spending most of my time lately. I have completed a few small projects, working on several commission pieces, and did a piece for a contest. The contest piece I'm not allowed to show on the internet until after the contest. The other stuff isn't quite photo ready yet.
So in the meantime here's another video I did awhile back, just eye candy for fun. Hope you like it. Enjoy and seasons greetings to all.

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