Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Metallic Brat

I don't usually like the abstract sculpts of familiar characters, but this Asuka had so much attitude I couldn't resist. Metallic and clear laquers were used for her.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yoko Video

Ever since I saw Clark Kent become Superman for the first time, or Shane turn from simple farmer into deadly gunfighter, I've loved the transformation of mild mannered character into avenging hero. Its a common theme of Hollywood and anime.
In this clip, it has been seven years since humans reclaimed the surface of the planet. Yoko has left the life of freedom fighter and dedicated herself to the children of the next human generation as a teacher. But a disaster looms as a prophesy is fulfilled, Armageddon will claim the human population of the planet. In the midst of the crisis rouge Gamen attack and destroy Yoko's school and hold a student hostage.
Her hand is forced, and in a scene befitting Shane or Clark Kent, Sensei Yamako becomes the avenging Yoko once more. In the first segment she is beautifully silhouetted by the glow of her burning school as she enters her humble quarters.
In the second segment she has rescued the student hostage and now positions herself between the giant Gamen and her students. The students barely recognize her and are afraid of the figure before them. But she turns to them with a reassuring smile and asks them to stay back. When asked who the hell she is, she responds she is a teacher and she’s going to teach them something they will be tested on. In the final clip Yoko teaches them not to threaten children, class dismissed, her final line is "you fail".
I just love the episode and look forward to the US release coming next month from Bandai Entertainment.
Almost forgot, my contest model is in the video too! Enjoy!

Competition Yoko on Scooter

I built this figure for an international contest in the far east. Hopefully it will do well. I call this model "Believe in Me". One of several memorable catch phrases from Gurren Lagann. Sculpted by Vispo. The model was painted with acrylics and lacquers. The model does not include a left sideburn, which may be true to the anime, (she looses it somewhere around ep20 for reasons not clear to me). I found it made the sculpt look too awkward for my taste. I sculpted a new left sideburn and incorporated it into the model, draping it over her left shoulder. I feel it gives more balance to the face and shows less ear. I also sculpted Boota to ride in his favorite place. (comic relief). There is a magnet in her right hand and a corresponding magnet in the top of the rifle scope. She can easily hold her weapon and it can be removed if the model is transported. She sits on a large pin so the figure can be separated easily from the scooter for transport. Two round rhinestones were used for the auxiliary lights on the handlebars. Her jacket is a dark purple that looks almost black in the pictures. The emblems on the jacket were airbrushed to accentuate the flame effect.
The base contains the batteries and flasher circuit (which I built from a simple, inexpensive kit). Two switches on the front of the base control the lighting effects. One for engine and hover domes, the other for lights. There are a total of eleven LED's in the scooter.

2 headlights (white)
4 taillights (two red, two yellow)
2 in the hover domes (blue)
2 in the engine compartment (red flashing)
1 in the dashboard on the handlebars (white)

Monday, June 2, 2008


While I was building this figure it occurred to me that this is the same jaunty pose we see her more commonly in her blue and silver armor leaning on her sword. I thought what a come-down this would be for a warrior. Then I thought, Saber would probably be a crumby maid. The comic potential then dawned on me. She's a lousy maid, but hasn't lost any swagger or bravado.
So here's my lousy maid Saber, striking a triumphant pose! Ah, look behind you my dear!