Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Asuka R2 by Vispo

My new work. Hope you like her.


Bobby the Blue Baxojayz said...

Nice work as always. I know that motorcycle is a bitch to build.

Alex said...

Извини, но по английски не разговариваю. Твои работы просто восхитительны. Я не могу насмотреться на них. Красота. У меня нет слов, чтоб описать свои мысли глядя на твои работы)))

Don said...

Excuse, but on English I do not talk. Your works are simply exquisite. I cannot be seen enough on them. Beauty. I do not have words in order to describe its thoughts looking at your works) "

babelfish translation

большое спасибо

IcyFawkes said...


im from Malaysia

would like to ask if you are interested in selling this?
i am very impressed with your artwork
there are not many great commissioned artist available here.
email me if you would thank you!